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Aug. 20th, 2010

yamachii blue




This way we can have better access to the projects and keep in touch with each other better..!

I will be working on the layout some more and yeah~

Please share our group further..! :D


Aug. 10th, 2010

yamachii blue


[DUETS] Rhea & Rin | Rhea & Izu

Here's some small projects we have done~ :'D

I'll Be With You
Originally sung by KAT-TUN

Cover by Rhea & Rin aka Rhein


Originally sung by KAT-TUN

Cover by Rhea & Ui-chan aka Rhizu


I just noticed that we're kinda KAT-TUN biased when it comes to covers~

AH! NEXT PROJECT...will also be KAT-TUN. XD hopefully an Arashi song or JUMP too ~

Next up from:

Rhein - RIGHT NOW & N.M.P by KaT-TUN
Rhizu - ?
Trio (Rhea, Rin & Izu) - SMILE by KaT-TUN

Jul. 11th, 2010

yamachii blue


Project #2 - Yuuki100%


Time for the next finished project!

This time it's Yuuki100% - NYC version!

Singers: Rhea | Izu | Panino aka RIPa
Lyrics: Here
Listen here: box.net

Please continue to apply to new projects! :D

Jul. 5th, 2010

nakajima kento


Project #1 - Ashita no Kioku

First multi-user project is done!

This time it's:

Rhea - chiyakenyu / heiseiera  as Ninomiya Kazunari / Ohno Satoshi / Matsumoto Jun
Rui - ruizu_143  as Sakurai Sho
Pan-chan - nyappyfox as Aiba Masaki

in a collaboration of Arashi's Ashita no Kioku!

Notes: It was meant that ninillie and follyfjonk but due to different circumstances, I backed up their parts - take no offense, I only wanted this project to be done :3

Lyrics: Here
Listen here! box.net
Watch here! YouTube
or watch directly below!
Ashita no Kioku [VIDEO]Collapse )

Jun. 8th, 2010

yamachii blue


On Your Mind ~ Please Come Back To Me [Trio Song]


This is a little ninja project me, Rin-chan and Ui-chan made! =D

Though, we have some problems who's going to sing the last line or if we all should sing it... =/
I thought YOU out there should be able to decide!!!

Song: On Your Mind ~Please Come Back To Me originally by KAT-TUN

Sung by: chiyakenyu , ruizu_143 , rin_chii 
Lyrics: Click here to see who sings what!!

Version 1 [Regular Edtion]| Version 2 [Rhea Edition] | Version 3 [Rin Edition] | Version 4 [Rui Edition]

Please click and listen~

Jun. 3rd, 2010

yamachii blue


Update~New rule

Sorry for spamming your f-page! D:

But I would like to announce the new rule:

#10: You are ONLY allowed to apply for MAX 4 songs at a time. When you have finished recording your part and sent it to the project leader, you can apply again.


New projects!

Some new projects to add to the list!
Now it's June and these ones will be available to add to your project list!!!

Just leave a comment which member you want and I will add it on the list.

Deadlines will be decided when all teams are full.

These projects will be held from June.


#6 Yuuki100% (NYC version) by NYC [J-Pop]
 - Chinen Yuri as amuletdia 
- Yamada Ryosuke as ruizu_143 
- Nakayama Yuma as chiyakenyu  / heiseiera


#1 Deep Night by Hey! Say! JUMP [J-Pop]
- Yamada Ryosuke as amuletdia 
- Yaotome Hikaru as rin_chii 

#2 Summer Time by NEWS [J-Pop]
- Tegoshi Yuya as ruizu_143 
- Masuda Takahisa as amuletdia  *done*
- Yamashita Tomohis as rin_chii 
- Nishikido Ryo as nyappyfox 
- Shigeaki Kato as
- Koyama Keiichiro as

#3 Troublemaker by Arashi [J-Pop]
- Sakurai Sho as amuletdia 
- Matsumoto Jun as ruizu_143 
- Ninomiya Kazunari as [info]chiyakenyu  / ruizu_143
-Chinen Yuri as amuletdia 
- Nakajima Yuto as
- Morimoto Ryutaro as
- Okamoto Keito as

#5 Ganbaretsugo! by Hey! Say! 7 [J-Pop]
Yamada as ruizu_143
Chinen as amuletdia

#7 I wo Kure by Hey! Say! 7 (temporary) [J-Pop]

#8 Monster by Arashi [J-Pop]
- Sakurai Sho as [info]nyappyfox 
- Matsumoto Jun as
- Ninomiya Kazunari
- Ohno Satoshi as
- Aiba Masaki as

#9 Score by Hey! Say! BEST [J-Pop]
- Inoo Kei as [info]rin_chii 
- Yabu Kota as [info]chiyakenyu  / [info]heiseiera
- Arioka Daiki as
- Takaki Yuya as
- Yaotome Hikaru as

#10 Seishun Amigo by Shuuji to Akira *free duet - choose your partner below*

Please comment if you have anymore suggestions!
Do remember that it's mostly songs that has instrumentals available or really good audio that can be recorded. Duets are really appericiated!

Mar. 12th, 2010




You're now visiting swsfandubs , an European fandubbing group found in Sweden.
This group is basically limited to JE songs and different K-Pop songs.
I will not talk so much about the group itself, because it will develop by time as it grows.

"There's no restrictment on how well you sing or how long you have sung!"

We're now recruiting new members! We want to grow and sing different songs! Are you interested? :3
If you are..fill up the form below and comment here before joining the community!
At the moment, there's no limit on how many members that will be accepted (reason; read below for the rules).


Feel free to comment for more suggestions for the rules or anything.